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Why my carNAVi has no more map?

After starting your carNAVi you'll get the following error message:

"Mapset was not found, do you want to build it" or you'll get just an empty screen with no map displayed.


  1. If you see the above error message, simply click on ok (green arrow), select the folder (topmost) "SDMMC" for devices with SD card or "Residentflash" for devices with build in flash memory, then select "Map" below and click on "Create Atlas". The unit opens the mapset and reply with a message that the mapset was successfully build.

  2. If you see an empty map display, select "MENU", "SETTINGS", "MAP" and then "Manage Maps", then click on the folder symbol in the lower middle of the screen, select ResidentFlash or SDMMC (for older devices with SD card) from the top Folder selection and tab on map. I small menu pops up where you select 'create altas'

If you still have problems with your settings, connect your carNAVi to a Windows PC with the included USB cable, open 'My Computer', open the 'carNAVi' device and start 'Restore_xxx_Default_Settings.exe'. This will overwrite all the settings to default values.

If you don't have this file on your unit, please download the carNAVi Backup software from here and install it. This tool also contains the Restore_Default_Settings.exe. After installation you'll have new program group, open this and select 'open carNAVi Backup location'. There you will see the 'Restore_xxx_Default_Settings.exe'.

Select the one that is fitting to your units model and run it.

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