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How can I record a road track?

To record a road or path, use the Track Recording function of your carNAVi.

1. If you drive a road, that is not in the map, switch on the ‘Track recording’ function. You can find this in Settings – Start record track or in Settings - Track Settings - Track record. Activate this function at the beginning of the road and the unit will now automatically save the coordinates of the track you are driving. If you are recording a seperated multi lane road (like EDSA is), try to stay in the middle of all lanes, if the traffic situation allows this. For better accuracy please drive the road in both directions – no need to make a seperate track from it. If there are u-Turns within, set a waypoint ‘U-TURN’ there or drive the U-Turns simply. Of course you can also send us bike trails, hiking trails etc. Everything is welcome.

2. To stop recording, just press the red tape icon on top of the map screen. The unit will save a .gpx or .mps file in the SD cards ‘Tracks’ folder.

4. Connect your unit via USB to your PC or put the SC card into a SC card reader. Make sure, the unit is turned off, while you remove the SD card!

3. Use carNAVi Map Reporting to upload your data to our server. If you send multiple tracks, please use an archiving software like 7-zip or rar to include them in one file.


If you record tracks regularly, you can change the settings of your user interface to that the track log icon will appear always on your map screen. Check Settings - Advanced - Other Options - Interface or Settings - Interface - Interface (on newer units) and click twice on the checkbox (green check symbol) to activate the Track Record Icon always. (The default setting is that the icon only appears if Track Recording is activated).

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