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Can I use my phone charger for carNAVi?

Yes, it is possible to use any USB charger for charging your carNAVi. You can either use the included USB cable and connect your carNAVi to your PC. If the carNAVi is switched on, a windows appears on the screen where you can select either to charge the unit or to switch the unit to computer connection.

If you use any other USB charging equipment, like a power adapter for the iPhone, simply connect the included USB cable with that adapter or use other adapters with mini USB plug.

 Sample iPhone chargerThe iPhone charger can be used, for example

Note: Most charger from Motorola are not working with carNAVi, because Motorola is using a different pinout and is not following the USB standard.

If you need a wallpug-charger, they are available in most electronic shops or order online in the carNAVi Store.

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