carNAVi Hardware
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How can I have longer battery life?

For having a longer battery life, you can change the backlight settings. Usually the backlight of your screen is set to 'always on', changing this to 'off after 1min' for example will give you longer battery life:
-> from the Main Menu (after turning on the unit) select 'System' - 'Backlight'

Selecting a lower backlight level will also give you longer battery life.

Switch the unit into 'Stand-by' mode by pressing the power button 1-2s can help also to save energy.

Don't forget to turn 'lock on road' on again and change the backlight settings back to 'always on', before you start using the carNAVi for normal driving again!

We do not recommend to switch the system into an 'Auto off' mode, as you can configure in the system's power settings, this confuses many users because unless the backlight settings the unit is really switching off and no longer active.

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Last update: 2010-06-08 08:27
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