Software issues
ID #1048

GPX Track recording causes problem

The software version installed in earlier carNAVi PRO BT with SiRF IV GPS/Galileo chipset has a bug related to the track recording function.

If the track recording is changed to GPX file format, the unit may freeze after a GPS signal is acquired.

Please download and install the latest software update for your unit, which updates the navigation software to the new version

ECO 300 Navigation Software - Version:, 6.98 MB [exe]

PRO 400 Navigation Software - Version:, 887.83 kB [exe]

PRO BT Navigation Software - Version: (091210), 7.01 MB [exe]

PRO BT Navigation Software - Version: (LH43V14), 887.9 kB [exe]

* Release date: December 06, 2011

  • Improved user interface and map skin for 1st generation devices
  • Impoved routing functions and off-route re-calculation
  • Fixed GPX recording issue (for version
  • Fixed minor spelling issues
  • Fixed minor 3D map display problem

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