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How to solve "wrong version" error during update?

If you try to update your carNAVi device using the map update installer and you're getting a 'wrong version' error during the installation, please follow the steps below:

On Mac OS please take note, that map updates needed to be installed in sequence, that means for example, if you have map version 01.2012 installed and you want to update to 01.2013, you need to install 07.2012 before applying 01.2013.

On Windows a sequential update is not neccessary, you can directly update from 01.2012 to 07.2013.

We had rare reports from users, where the update installer for Windows occured an error showing 'wrong version'.

To solve this issue, please delete the entire maps folder on your device, then download and install our system software restore utility for your device. This will refresh your entire system including the latest map version. Your saved waypoints and routes will remain.

Detailed information you may find at the links below.


[1] carNAVi System Restore Tool

[2] How to use the System Restore Installer (PDF, 240KB)

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