Map update & installation
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How to update the map using Mac?

Please follow this instructions for a map update using Mac OS X:

1. Download the map update installer from here.

2. Open your download folder and run the update installer.

3. Read the instructions on the startup screen:

4. Click CLOSE and you see the next screen:

5. Select the carNAVi device:

6. Wait until the update is processed:

7. After finishing the update, disconnect the carNAVi from your Mac and restart the navigation software. The new maps will be indexed automatically.

Note: Some carNAVi devices are not compatibel with some Apple computers and/or Mac OS X versions, if your carNAVi is not detected properly, try to connect the device to another USB port or install a standard USB 2.0 hub where you connect the carNAVi device.

Alternatively you may use a SD card reader to update your map.

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